Everyone is 'teacher' in Azerbaijan

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I realize, being amateur writer my blog posts are somehow too biased. Actually, you sometimes fancy just blogging whatever tackles in your mind. But when it comes to writing, you see professionalism is out of your capacity. Necessarily, I would make content more interesting and stimulating, rather than make my posts just written in literally perfect way.


Now I am going to talk about the very problematic issue absorbed into social etiquettes in my society. It is just as simple as it is irritating. It does not matter if you have PhD in a top ranking universities, or without any degree  you make living by selling products in bazaar, people address you with the very word - Teacher! How bewildering, yes?! 


 Sincerely, this post reveals my reluctance towards the attitude to teachers in our society. Well, who is to blame? I will not politicize the issue as I go for blogging for entertainment. But, there should be good reason for such chaotic situations. The reason why people see a teacher and a chauffeur equal in social position is the amount of salary they get as the result of their jobs. Roughly saying, teachers earn ( determined by government)  less than the others I mentioned above. Consequently, next generations lose their inclination to study teaching related fields, and here they have right to.


As a conclusion,  you do not have to worry about your social status if living in Azerbaijan. At least, you are a 'TEACHER'.


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