Examer Film Project Brings Filmmaking to Students to #Afghanistan #StLucia

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“Everyone has a story to tell. What is your story?” says Fereshteh Forough of Women's Annex Foundation in a recent Film Annex video. Forough’s video announces the Examer Film Project, building on the Examer software that allows students in developing countries like Afghanistan to learn and earn micro scholarships. Forough is looking to target

As Forough points out, “Filmmaking is one of the most powerful artistic mediums.” The Examer FIlm Project pairs students with professional filmmakers to teach students filmmaking best practices. Students use both digital and social platforms to tell their story. As students create films, they’ll be hosted on Film Annex’s online video platform, where they’ll be able to earn money for creating films.

Forough explains, “With the Examer Film Project, we tried to help students in developing countries, for example, Afghanistan, to develop their film treatment. Experienced filmmakers who are collaborating in our platform are going to monitor their work. Using the social and digital media enables the students to spread their message globally using the concept of digital storytelling, so if you have a story to tell feel free to come to Examer.org.”

We’re currently looking for Affiliate Marketing Partners to help spread the word about this fun and powerful project to schools in Central Asia. Interested in sharing this project and earning money? Feel free to get in touch with us today.

Want to talk about the Examer Film Project? Use hashtag #ExamerFilmProject or #DigitalStorytelling to share your story and discuss your films on Twitter or Facebook.

Next we are looking to bring this project to The Examer Company Limited of Saint Lucia, which was founded by Dale and Isaac Mensah. The Mensah's are bringing Examer and Women's Annex.com to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean, and we are greateful for their pioneering work for us in a new region of the world.


Roya Mahboob, Dale Mensah, Isaac Mensah



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