Examer Tests in Hatifi High School by Afghan Citadel Team

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The Afghan Citadel computer training is continued in the Hatifi high school. As Hatifi High school is one of the biggest schools of Herat it has more students too and the number of participated students in this school is more than other schools.

The students are also too much interested to learn computer, they know that it will be really good for their futures. In this week Miss Somia Azimi trained student with Examer system that they can take their exams with online examination system and becomes more familiar with the system.

They training courses are holding for student and teacher of Hatifi high school. The teachers are also got interested to this system. The first Online Examination test was taking from Hatifi High school in Herat. The students were too happy that they taking their exam through this system and they would like to practice and working more with Examer and they told that they wouldn’t be worry anymore about the exam score and their results.


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Established in 1938, Hatifi High School is one of the largest schools in Herat, Afghanistan and has 8300 students. The students attend the classes in rotations. The school offers 116 classes only for female students. Film Annex and Citadel are building an INTERNET classroom at Hatifi High School in June…

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