#ExamerFilmProject empowers #DigitalLiteracy and #StoryTelling in Afghanistan's Schools

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Are you ready to become a Filmmaker?

Filmmaking is one of the most powerful artistic mediums as it brings pictures, sound, and acting together. Everyone has a story to tell. What is yours?

FilmAnnex has started the first step towards enabling Afghan students to share their stories online and spread their message via #ExamerFilmProject, therefore anyone who already has a Film Annex profile can join the competition or simply go to examer.org and register there.

Examer Film project is designed to help students in developing countries like Afghanistan. It enables them to develop their film treatments while expert filmmakers who are collaborating with Film Annex are monitoring their works and finally the best films will be rewarded.

Filmmaking is a process which includes many stages. The very first and important one is the initial idea of your story you want to present to your audience, therefore you need a film treatment.

A film treatment is the first step towards writing your screenplay and making your film. It is written in prose format (no dialog) and tells your story in present tense, describing the events as they happen. It's a great opportunity for you to introduce the characters and the plot of your story to your audience.

Write a one-page treatment to briefly tell us your story. Your story could be about anything. To learn how to write a treatment from professional filmmakers on Film Annex's platform click here.

Submit your treatment, tell your story to show your film globally and do not forget to tweet it with the following keywords:


We are looking forward for your film treatment :)

Fereshteh Forough

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