Examinations (part 1)

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The subject may be treated in various ways. We may give an account of the various kinds of examination. We may examine in a very scientific fashion how far they fulfil the purpose for which they are intended. We may merely collect together a number of anecdotes about examinations and make fun of the system of examinations.


The following is one method. In it attention is paid to matter, but the same attention is given to manner also. The subject is not treated in a scientific or a farcical manner; nor is the essay a vehement and one sided denunciation of examinations.


Outside, the sun shines brightly and birds fly about. But inside the hall, scratching theirs heads and sweating all over, sit the poor examinees, scribbling, scribbling. Far rather would they go out into the fields and play, or roam with their friends. But they must go through this ordeal. They are the victims of a system they do not love.

Examination are regarded as a curse by the students, and in a sense they are a cause. As a matter of fact examinations are the only worry of students, their only anxiety, examination are an ounce of source in a pound of sweet because they are the only unpleasant experience in an otherwise happy and carefree life..
Games, musical concerts, debates, meetings of various societies and clubs in a college and other extra mural activities are all stopped for some times as the students are busy making preparations for the examination. The students are not well represented at the cinema-houses, restaurants during the examination days. No groups of boys are seen engaged in gossip in the college or hostel compound, nor are boys free to chase the girls on bicycles, motorcycles or on foot.


'Examination can be easily made fun of as being very stupid things'. "Why, the greatest fool can ask questions that the wisest man cannot answer". What a student is supposed to have learnt in the three hours. In three hours the examinee must write down the highest truths that took a great philosophers many long years to think out. The examiners seems always intent on finding out the weak spots in the examinee's learning, and the examinee's attempt is to hide his ignorance.
Again, what kind of students come most successfully out of this ordeal. The men who score first class marks and win the prizes are sometimes not the men who know most. There are many students who know far more than the scorer of the first class marks and prizes winners, but are placed far below them in the list of successful candidates.

Examination, It may be argued from these trends, are no test of the ability of students. A student may mug up certain portions of his books and if a goodly number of question is set from the portions he has prepared, he will no doubt secure good marks, while another student, brighter and more intelligent then the first, may not show brilliant results because he did not specially prepare the questions which were set in the examination.

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