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Exams as we all know it is a devil everyone has to encounter in life. There is always sadness attributed to exams but there are also some exciting things we all enjoy. Gradual Arrival of examinations causes an increase in stress. Some people convert this stress into their strength and put together all their efforts in preparing for it. Some just worry about it and see it coming in a great despise.

However, what about the end of exams? When the last paper arrives there is a feeling of anticipation because that paper will put an end to the long period of isolation. The thought of it makes us feel very cool and we can feel butterflies flying in our stomach. Before the last paper most students instead of preparation start to visualize what they would be doing after the exam. Plans are made for the exam ending vacations. This is absolutely a fun activity.

At last the most anticipated moment arrives and every students takes a deep breath of relief when he hands over the paper to the examiner. This is a formal end to examination. Happiness of this moment is unexplainable and unmatched. Nothing in the world can replace this great divine feeling. It feels like a prisoner relieved from high walls into the world where he can go anywhere on his own will, there is nothing that can stop him. The end of exams no doubt gives us unlimited happiness.

The students forget everything for a moment and enjoy the fact that exam ended finally. As nothing in this world is ever lasting so does the happiness of exams extermination. Times really flies with much rapid pace and we encounter another exam. This never ending cycles of stress, sorrows, joys and happiness goes on with us. Life is itself an exam and we should find a reason of being happy with it.

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