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“You should be glad.
Glad that he finally walked away, shutting the door tightly on his way out and forgetting the keys.
Glad that the butterflies that fluttered in your stomach for so long, have finally drowned and have no means of reviving.
Glad that the light in your eyes didn’t burn out completely, flickering slightly and growing stronger and stronger with each passing day.
Glad that you have a new set of hands to hold, hands that reach out and have every intention of catching you.
Glad that you won’t ever feel defeated, no more winning or losing because it’s no longer a game.
Glad that you are treated right, better than before because you knew his lips weren’t that last for you to kiss.


But you’re not glad, are you?
You’re sad, because none of this changes the fact that the one that got away, isn’t coming back.”

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