Exciting news about 'Morning Cloth!'

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Hello film annex! Long time no write. My apologies. You see I have been extremely busy working as an art team production assistant on an excellent and strange feature film called 'Excess Flesh.'

But now that has wrapped and I have a little bit of time to update here, sooooo I am. Tada!

Anyway, you all may recall my last live action short 'Morning Cloth.' Well I am excited to say that this film just got distribution through 'Shorts International.' You can still watch it here on film annex, for now, but soon it will be availably exclusive through the Shorts International Channel and their various platforms. So that's super exciting and a great vote of confidence, so to say, in the film!

And how is it that such a small and random film like 'Morning Cloth' got distribution through a huge international short film company? Well it is thanks to Film Annex...You see a film marketing company saw it here, liked it, and contacted me to see if I wanted them to become my 'representatives,' so to say, sort of like an agent. They'd take my shorts to film markets and international areas to hopefully get them to interested parties. And they did! Shorts International wanted Morning Cloth and soon enough they shall have it!

So thanks film annex, and everyone I suppose! Yay!

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