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Today I want to talk about exercise. What is exercise and how can I do it?

Exercise is improving health and fitness. We can done it if we get up early in the morning  and go out for morning walk. Morning walk is necessary for health.


             “Health is Wealth”

Exercise makes body active and sound. Exercise safe for many diseases. We should early in the morning go to parks or any other place for exercise . After exercise our body is active all the day and work done with out any hesitation.


With out exercise our body is lazy and appears many diseases . All the day our body is lazy and not want to do any kind of work . with out exercise body is become big and which makes man lazy and sick.


Daily only thirty minutes exercise  give us many benefits. Exercise gives help for boosting our body. Exercise have our body smart. Exercise increase our energy and perfect our body. Exercise is used to loss your extra weight. Exercise have our body physically fit.


Exercise is also effect our sex life. After exercise, over body becomes energies and then due to energies our sex power is increase. Exercise  also gives us sweet sleep.Exercise is also a fun or entertainment.


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