Exercises for biceps

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Biceps is one of the muscles that most people admire and if the workout, they still want to have them showed him. Biceps itself is not a big muscle makes up a big hand in combination with good triceps. But it fits a well rehearsed and pummeling. So what exercises to use?

Lifting dumbbells standing

The basic exercise, which is the simplest. You have to use both rod with weights or dumbbells. You stand straight, hold your elbows at your side and lift up your hands only bend at the elbow. Do not move the arms and did not nekřivte. When you exercise and breathe. Exhale when lifting or. breath-hold. When letting exhale. When you exercise, try to get as many barbell to the shoulders. Jog slowly. The exercises are soutřeďte barbell on your muscles, so you can pick up one hand muscles grow more and better.


isolated biceps

If you do not have a bench Scotia, all you have your feet. Sit down and grab a dumbbell. Brace your right elbow on the right thigh. Play the hand just to the point before you start to warp. Try to move only the hands, backs remain stationary. If not manage exercise, you can help with the other hand. Exhale when lifting, while letting breath.

Isolated biceps on the bench Scotia

Biceps trapeze

The exercise takes place so that we hang on the trapeze in a narrow grip (if you can, use hooks). The whole body is held in the plane and attract only the elbow. If it is too low trapeze, or sway, bend your legs and Cross the them. Exhale when lifting, while letting breath.

This exercise may be too difficult for some, but it is effective if you do more reps. So for example. Lift 3x and if they can no longer relax and lift only 2x, 1x, and then rest. If it is more than once, do it again. Once you've mastered only one pull, take a break and lift only one. Give yourself a target, eg. 20 rows and does not end until you can not go. Only then is an effective workout.

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