These exercises should be perform at the gym, but some you may do at home.Make sure to balance out the different workout. If you got question on how to do it, just post.

Neck Exercises (Sternocleidomastoid, Trapezius):
Neck Extensions

Chest Exercises (Pactoralis Major, Deltoids, Triceps, Latissimus Dorsi):
Pec Deck

Shoulder Exercise (Trapezius, Deltoids, Latissimus Dorsi):
~Military Press
*Upright Rows
*Lateral Raises

Back Exercises (Latissimus Dorsi, Deltoids, Biceps, Deltoids):
Lat Pull
T-Bar Row
Bentover Row

Arm Exercises (Biceps, Triceps, Pectoralis Major):
Preacher Curls
*Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions
Bar Dips

Gluteal Exercises (Gluteus Maximus, Hamstrings, Quadriceps):
Ram Rack
Leg Press

Hamstring Exercise (Hamstrings):
Leg Curl

Quadriceps Exercise (Quadriceps):
Leg Extension

Abdominal Exercises (Rectus Abdominus, External Obliques):
Roman Chair

~ = Exercises can be performed with either a barbell or with dumbbells
* = Exercises best performed with dumbbells