Existing Challenges for Women in Afghanistan

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One of the most important problems of afghan women is illiteracy that this problem causes many other problems as we all know it.

What is the cause of this problem?

Poor culture of some people of our country who think that women should not go to school or learn knowledge causes this mother of problems.

And also insecurity and harsh aggressions in some cities is the reason.

Who are to blames?

Fathers, grandfathers, brothers or husbands cause this problem and they don’t them to learn, in fact they deprive them from this blessing.

And also the ones who cause the insecurity in fact they cause that women do not participate in educational places and schools because of insecurity and aggressive.

What are the effects of this problem?

This problem causes the women become back warded form the point of mental and cultural and keep them away from society.

Become shameful and won’t be able to work out beside men.

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