Expected and Unexpected things in life.

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Good Morning friends and nice to be back with new thoughts of the day after three days. Let’s talk about the some simple facts of the life which everyone always thinks over and goes through that stage in their life. It is like expecting something to happen in life but do not happened it and other things is that when we unexpected something in life that does happen suddenly in our life.

Let’s discussed about expected things like we give a interview for the job and sure about the selection after going through all the rounds of interview but when the result is declared we does not get selected. Second example we can take is that we expect some payout from certain online site but even after waiting for months we does not get the same.

Regarding Unexpected things it can be just reversed of what I had mentioned about regarding expected things and when such things like getting selected for the job  in spite of bad interview got selected for the job and left the hopes of getting suddenly the payment from the sites that we are working or stopped working, we feel very happy.

By the way have you experienced such things in your life ever my friends?


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