Expected better

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Now life is something that can not be contained. It goes on on on. It never stops. Though it gives you chances to relive moments that you have missed. Ever thought if u had a time machine. What would you do with that. It is difficult to say or talk about the stuff you don't have. Just believe that you have one. What would I do. Nothing. Life can't be changed. It has its own ways. You cannot decide your own destiny. thats what it is like. you never know what will happen next. I dont know what'll happen in the next second. I dont know what I will type in the next second. But I'll thank my Creator for blessing me with these seconds to express my innerself thoughts. Yeah I dont know what I type when I do. Cuz I just wanna type and type. Somethings might attract some might don't but the thing is I have related thoughts in me. Things that can motivate and can even disgrace. These are my feeling for you. Believe it or not. Im frustrated right now. This means nothing to you but its relief for me. I was engulfed in thoughts actually drowned in them. I lived with these memories so that I can tell you people that life isn't the same for everyone. Live it, cuz you only live once.

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