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Saturday was an interesting day. It started off as usual, I taught 4 classes Judo to younger children at the New York Athletic Club (www.NYAC.org), ages ranged from 5 to 12 years old. The great thing about this program is the format because it allows kids to experience up to 16 sports throughout the its yearly cycle, which is from September to March, and Judo is one of the 16 sports.

After lunch, I took my three children to the Meat Packing district and visited the Samsung experience store where people can experience the various products and their applications, including virtual reality and 4D entertainment.


Following our visit to the Samsung store, we went to the Westfield World Trade Center in the Oculus, and there we spent most of our time at the FordHub, a hub created to allow people to experience the Ford concepts of mobility such as virtual reality on top of the Empire State Building, 3D travels in NYC, video games in the City of the Future and other great interactive projects.

The common denominator of this past Saturday was the concept of “experience”, from sports to consumer products to mobility concepts, all activities provided entertaining and educational experiences.

Once I got back home, I collected my thoughts, and inspired by my most recent conversation with both the management of Westfield and Ford I decided to give a voice to the people who experienced the Westfield World Trade Center in the Oculus and particularly those who visited the Ford Hub. The Querlo Chat below is now broadcasted on Facebook targeting people who are or were in NYC and experienced a visit to the Westfield World Trade Center.

As a Judo coach it is very important for me to take the time to hear what my students and their parents think of the classes: how it effects their lives? what can be done to improve their experience,? This same concept can be easily adopted by brands, if they use interactive tools like Querlo, the chatbot with a human touch.

Querlo allows brands and organizations to:
Establish a direct conversation and relationship with people
Learn more about their passions and interests
Educate people about the brand's or organization's initiatives
Build, own and control a qualitative database and research - in Real Time*
Reward them for their interests and skills

The above is done with words, images and videos. Querlo, an interactive chat with customizable API that can be implemented on any website, is a mobile app and social media platform, offering an easy-to-use 24/7 interface. All data is collected and documented in Real Time.

Additional custom features include:
Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Live and Video Chat

Querlo, increases consumers interactions up to 400% and increases time per session up to 800%.

Learn a bit more about Querlo at http://www.querlo.com/chat/5213 or here below:


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