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In late 2014, the bitcoin cloud mining craze started to pick up in certain circles and I being the bandwagoner that I am got swooped away on it. After I signed up, I almost immediately screwed something up. Eobot has a policy of a 6 month wait time for all PayPal Deposits which meant I was unable to withdraw (Which I would soon find out). I put $18 in excitedly, I made three dollars profit in the first month! After that I realized I could not withdraw and promptly forgot about Eobot. After nearly a year I remembered I had the account and logged back in. To my surprise my BTC balance had not gotten that much higher from when I had left it. This was due to (as I later found out) the leap of block difficulty making it more hash expensive to mine. I played around with the many new currencies that they added since my departure a year earlier and found, regardless of what currency you mine you will make the same amount (It's all mined in BTC first and then converted into the currency of your choice) unless you account for currency fluctuation which can make you a penny or so richer or poorer. After I figured that out, I was able to have a decent ($2-$3) return from something I did not expect to get any return from after that. 

Overall I give Eobot 8/10 because all the issues I had were due to my own stupidity and lack of research into bitcoin (i.e. not reading warning signs). To this day I continue to use Eobot, I have cashed out all of my initial investment as well as my earnings in awaiting for GHS 4.0 (GHS 3.0 was fluctuating a great deal in prices and I did not want to lose money).

Recently I have discovered a way to get free GHS via use of the faucet and something quick mining which you can read about here. This method (while a little slow) is what I am using to rebuild my GHS on Eobot without reinvesting any money. 

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