explaining hazard and hazardous event. safety series part 4

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this is 4th part of safety series and today we are gonna study about hazard and hazardous event . i will explain it one by one.  firstly what is hazard? the answer is anything which has potential to cause harm to the human beings are called as the hazard. this could range from simple common because it can cause harm to your clothes when it splits on it. and specialized machinery.  if something is harmful for any body then we called it as hazard.  if someone wants to give priority to safety then he should first configure and eliminate the particular hazard. by eliminating or reducing the hazard result in the accident free work space.

secondly an hazardous event is simply defined as the event where someone or something interacts with the hazard and harm results (defination taken from iosh managing safely content.)

suppose there is a well at a particular place then the well itself is a hazard but if someone fell in it then it do become harmful for him.  simply hazardous event is the event where hazard takes place. 

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