Exploring Potential Factors of Citizens to Adopt e-Government

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I. Computer Knowledge
Literacy of computer knowledge and internet play important role to adopt the e-Government services. This factor is related to the person’s knowledge about computer, internet and ability to use how frequently use and access. The computer and internet literacy is directly related to the level of the education of citizen, age and gender , these all directly related to the citizen e-Government services adoption . Staying area, occupation, access and use of internet also effect on the awareness of e-Government services.

II. Trust on Online Government Services and Internet
The study conducted by Carter and Belanger show the result that trust is more important factor to adopt and use the e-Government Services . The same person in another study find out that the disposition of trust on internet and on government have the highly effects on e-Government use . Trust has positive effects in the adoption of the e-Government services.

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