Extent of globalization on organizations

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The ongoing globalization increases the overall need for knowledge of cultural diffrences between not only states but also corporate cultures. More and more employers start transferring their exports from country to country to help build new subsidiaries.


Burberry is expanding rapidly to become the dominant one in the market and while employees wages remain low or decrease, these employees are the ones creating the profit used for expansion, which has given priority over wages. The service sector of Burberry has diffrent ideas and agendas when it comes to part-time or temporary work; they see it as a way to avoid benefits and overtime, keep wages low, and evade commitment, finding innovative ways to make the most of their all time working employees, reducing their hours and at the same time maximizing their efficiency and productivity. The nature of temporary work is also changing, in that is no longer temporary.


Globalization is a leading concept which has become the main factor in business life during last few decades. When a company produces with less cost and sells cheaper, it is able to increase its market share. Consumers have a large multitude of choices in the market and this affects the brands behaviours. Burberry provides goods and services quickly in more efficient ways to its stores. People expect high quality and low prices. A company must always be ready for price, product service and customer preferences because all of these are global market requirements.
Globalization also shows that the developed countries have more advantage of it in comparison to developing and under developed countries.

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