Extrato De Propolis- A promise of goodness and health

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Propolis is a substance which is made up of vegetables. It is “greenish brown” in color with a odor which is balsamic. This is collected in trees by the bees. Some flowers are also used to make the extrato de propolis. This is basically used by the bees to protect the hives from cold and other enemies which can cause harm to the hives. The bees use it as a treatment which they put in the combs to protect the small bee babies. By this method only, the scientist found that propolis has various kinds of benefits in it. These are: “bactericidal”, “bacteriostatic”, “fungicidal”, and “antiviral”. It has proved to be very healing for various types of cuts and burns. It also helps in regenerating the skin which is burnt or broken. It is the most useful natural antibiotic medicine which does not have any sort of side effects. With the help of this one can increase or improve his metabolism and also helps in the formation of cells which is very good for the human body. The term extrato de propolis means that the propolis has been extracted from the trees and by other natural means.

It can be used both internally and externally. For internal use, it is very beneficial for the treatment of “Flue”, “tonsillitis” “sinusitis” and various other types of internal ailments. It can also be used externally for healing different cuts and wounds and burns and also some types of skin ailments. The main component of this substance is alcohol and propolis. This substance is actually produced by the bees with the help of plants and trees. It is the substance which the bees use for their bee hives. Resin and balm is also used to make this component. Usage of wax and various exotic oils are also used to make this substance. There are over 250 different types of propolis which are being made and distributed all across the world.


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