facebook cheats ( hacking)

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Hi friends, sometimes you might get surprised when you see blank status or blank comment or any other such things on facebook wall of your friends. Dont worry, I am going to give some best tricks. If you know other tricks then you can mention it in comment or you may write us through email. We will publish your post as guest post.

1) Write blank status on Facebook.
It’s simple, just type in this

@[0:0: ]

and press enter.



2) Write blank comments or blank chat message on Facebook.

Hold “Alt” key and press these digits “0173” and hit enter.


3) Write Blue color text on Facebook .

Type the below code

@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]

Replace “Type Here” by your own text.


4) Write Blue color text and Redirect it to your Facebook ID or your friends Facebook ID.

Type the below code
@@[0:[yourID:0:Your Text]]

Replace “yourID” by your Facebook ID or your friend’s Facebook ID and replace “Your Text” by your own text.  


Hint: - You can find your Facebook ID or your friend’s ID by doing this.

Go to your Facebook profile or your friend’s Facebook profile and replace the URL by adding graph.facebook.com/

Eg:- www.facebook.com/vin1jo4 

by this


Now you will get the ID.


5) If you want to publish your Page name then.

è Type the below code


Go to your Page and then just go to "Edit info" of Ur Page than Copy ID from URL and Replace it by “ID”

Enjoy hacking.

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