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Here i want to explain my personal experience with your peoples and this is amazing and interesting article (Amar Annex)  

There is a Friendship which a person can make very easily with any person from any country and that is on Facebook. On Facebook you can add any person from any country as a friend in your profile friend list. While in real this thing does not exist or it will be very hard to do so. Facebook solve this problem but you know what will be a problem?


Problem is that Facebook friendship hase no guarantee, there are so many problems can be occur in between this friendship of Facebook. Because this is somehow poor friendship which is made of only information not with a meeting and software or internet are the main source of this thing.

So where there is easiness in making a friendship in Facebook there are also many problem which break this relationship in a very few second because its base is software and internet not a real meeting. Here I will mention some kinds of factors which affect Facebook friendship or can break it.


1)      Misunderstanding:

One of the main factor of poor friendship of Facebook is also a misunderstanding between the two persons like they didn’t judge each other. When they chatting with other there may be came some sorts of suspects about each other because it is difficult task understand each other in indirect meeting like in Facebook chat. As a result they break this relationship.


2)      Poor Language:

When a foreigner make a friendship with some other country person just on a Facebook then it’s an easy job to do only in Facebook and it has guarantee because you know there is factor between both of them like they speak different languages and it is more difficult to both of them to understand each other languages. As a result they can’t communicate fluently so therefore this friendship has no more guarantees.

3)      ID hacking problem :

Id hacking is also a serious problem on Facebook. Because you will be have no control on your Facebook ID when it is being hacked by someone or system virus or online hackers. The friends added in your ID will not be able to contact you any more when ID is hacked.


4)      Blocking:

Blocking is a problem arises from Facebook authority side. When Facebook authority receive some fake information or spam signals from someone about your ID then your Id will be blocked from doing any actions or activities thus you will be not able to contact your friends or your friends will also not able to contact you anymore.


 Hope so you like it, and it will continue in part 2.

will meet you soon in next article :-)

By: Amar Annex , your smilly friend ;) 

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