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5) -      Fake IDs:

                        In Facebook some peoples make fake ids, Here by fake ids we mean that the information given in the id’s profile or in “about” are false or not true enough about that specific person who use that id. So therefore when your friend came to know that you are using fake id then he or she be block you in as a response and therefore here the end of the friendship will be quite sure.


6)-       Misbehaviors:

                                    This is the most affective factor in friendship while chatting with a friend if someone shows some misbehavior towards his/her friend then the friend will take a serious action against that someone. As a result the life of Facebook friendship will no more exist.


7)-       Telling lie:

                        It is more important to be honest and true in friendship. Always speak the truth and never lie because it’s also has harmful effect on a friendship like one can leave you for the whole life if one found you telling the lie because by telling lie you can hurt that person. So therefore on fb many peoples lost their friends by telling lie in fb chat.


8)-       Lake of Trust:

                                    Every one like to make a friendship with a trusty and true person because in my opinion real friendship is based on trust and this is most important thing in friendship. Mostly in Facebook the owner of fake ids chat with the friend but they do not shoe their originality then the person somehow knew it and as a result they block that person because lake of trust is found there thus friendship is more there.



Hope so you like my topic. If any one want to discus any of the factor i would love to give my time, lets meet you in next article ,thanks

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