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Nestled in the bustling Garment District, in the city known as the "center of the world," New York's Fashion Institue of Technology has made a name for itself worldwide. Divided into the School of Art and Design and the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology, the SUNY College offers about 43 majors from fashion marketing, fashion merchandising to illustration. Taught by industry professionals whose qualifications include their PhDs and 10+ years of experience in the industry.  FIT has an army of fashion gurus full of industry insight.
My journey through FIT has been very beneficial to my fashion career goals and personal aspirations; to build my own business, one which contributes to society by utilizing my talents, strengths and education. After researching videos, articles, and exploring various fashion networks I turned down Parsons, SVA, and the Art Institute of San Diego and submitted my application for admission to FIT in the fall of 2010 as a Graphic Design major. At the time, I did not have a particular career path in mind, but I noticed the movement and power of the Internet and how adaptive my generation, Gen Y, was with this new lifestyle. I automatically knew that FIT and graphic design would give me a strong foundation with emerging software and technology, much needed skills with the increased demand for internet based careers today.
From Fall to Spring a few fortunate events occurred to propel my academic and professional career forward. I was offered a contract with one of New York City's top modeling agency's to begin a modeling career and I also began to develop strong curiosity into the business side of the fashion industry.
These events encouraged me to voyage blindly into a new arena in my education, and I decided to switch my studies to fashion merchandising management. Through the course of my studies, I now realize the benefits of my decision, as I truly understand the perfect marriage of fashion, business, and marketing.
In 2013 I teamed up with fellow model Tasha Moore to put my newly acquired knowledge into action to build the online boutique PeaceLoveThreads.com. By understanding the fashion industry and the technology shift in this new age, Peace Love Threads is a smart beginning in fashion entrepreneurship. It is the vessel I use to combine my growing knowledge of fashion merchandising, internet marketing, and business management. -KV
As many of us fight to work for top companies with branded names in fashion and marketing, we tend to forget that we have the outlet and opportunity to put our time and energy into something of our own. Ten years ago, you were given an unwritten promise that if you go to college, study hard and educate yourself, you'll have a job waiting. This college to work force model no longer exists. Today that route consists of hours of managing unpaid internships, school work and quite possibly a side business such as a blog or retail business. Or as in my case, a modeling career, trying to squeeze a campaign shoot in Puerto Rico in between your final exams!
Thoughts on Entrepreneurship from FIT Chairperson, Professor Henry Welt:

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