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Hello guys!

Nice to meet you! I’m new here as referred by bro @asad-munib. I got inspired to work on bitlanders through him as he is working here for a long time.

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So guys I will try to write blogs on different topics and will try my best to share knowledge with you. Since I’m here on bitlanders, I’ve learned about a bit about Querlo chat surveys so today I will try to write a bit about them here.

What is Querlo?

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Querlo is the latest technology which is used to inform the people about different things while using chat surveys. Different surveys are available to inspire the people and customers about unique items and to give info.

Here is the link to Querlo web page where you can find much more about this amazing technology.


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Querlo surveys are made to share information and technology among the users in the entire world. Querlo is very interesting and user friendly technology which is managed by Querlo team. Querlo site is basically a part of MTI USA team who is managing bitlanders.

So guys this was a short introduction about Querlo. Now lets find out some unique features offered by Querlo.

Querlo can be used on mobile, desktops and laptops.

It is user friendly and very easy to be used.

It is interesting and fun.

Querlo chat surveys can be added on all HTML supported web pages.

Querlo chat surveys can be used to inspire people.

Querlo can be used to promote the business technology.

Querlo can be used to earn bit-miles.

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What are Bit-miles earnings?

alt_659202_gallery_58a156ea90b12_jpgimage credits: Screen shot through Bit-miles website

Bit-miles earnings are the earned rewards on bitlanders which can be converted with US dollars. Bit-miles is a form of digital currency which is used on bitlanders, bit-miles and Querlo. These rewards can be spent for charities on bitlanders.

Here is the page of bit miles:


You can also withdraw your points at any time by using two methods which are paypal and payeza.

video credits: Youtube.com

So friends we were talking about Querlo chat bots, these chat bots have launched different types of chat surveys which will tell you many new information regarding to different topics and will help you in learning new things on internet and in real life.

Now I will discuss some survey chats here.

Querlo survey about planting a tree:

alt_http://www.plantabillion.org/images/PBT-hero_fa_rszd.jpgimage credits: http://www.plantabillion.org

This survey was really amazing and informative too and it helped me in understanding the facts behind planting the trees. Trees are the first and compulsory fact which is used to control the atmosphere. Trees are also used to fulfill our various needs. Trees are compulsory to avoid the floods. Every country and nation insists its people to plant trees to help improve the atmosphere. So this survey is also a simple step to awake the people and to tell the people about the amazing needs of planting trees. Here is the chat survey which will tell you different facts about planting trees and will tell you the needs of planting a tree. You will learn many things through it.

How many feet are in a mile? A short survey:

alt_http://images.slideplayer.com/19/5756799/slides/slide_9_fa_rszd.jpgimage credits: coffemix.com

This survey also amazing and informative as its name tells us the theory of survey itself.

In this survey you can learn many numerical and mathematical values and your knowledge can be increased through it. This survey tells us the mathematical values. You will learn many things and will help other through it. You can also add this survey with other websites too where other users can also be satisfied through this survey.

Here is the survey for your knowledge. Use it, answer it and learn new things through it.

A quick survey about Golf game:

alt_http://cdn.sandals.com/sandals/v11/slideshows/golf/home/slide-01_fa_rszd.jpgimage credits: http://cdn.sandals.com/sandals/

This survey is about the golf game and it is used to aware you about golf sports. In this short survey you will learn many things about golf game and its amazing features. Golf is a good game and its requirements are a bit higher so everyone cannot afford it. So in this survey you will be informed about this game and its terms and conditions. Here is the survey for your knowledge.

What kind of movies do you like?

alt_http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/ideas/images/e/e4/Movie_night.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141222232947image credits: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/

This survey is about the interest in movies. In this chat survey you are asked to tell your opinions about your interest. You have to tell which kind of movies you like most. This is very interesting and informative survey which is added here for you. Check it below.

What is your favorite type of invest?

alt_http://www.diamondcondominium.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/arton2902_fa_rszd.jpgimage credits: http://www.diamondcondominium.com/

This short survey is about the business information. In this you will learn many things, you just have to tell that what is your interest and in which business you like to make investment. Hope guys you will learn many things through it regarding to business.

Here is the link for you:

Video credits: Youtube.com

So guys! This blog was a brief introduction regarding to Querlo chat surveys and a new way for earning through chat bots. I’m sure that you will love my blog and you will learn many things through my blog. Please do comment below and tell me your opinions according to my blog. I want to learn many things here and I will try to share my knowledge among you guys.

Stay tuned for future posts.

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