Fairy Fort Character Guide- Tom

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The character, Tom, is a proud and stoic man of the land, a man who has endured through drought, recession, and the early death of his wife. He is stubborn and headstrong, believing that he knows best in all situations, and often flatly refuses to hear advice or differing opinions. Nonetheless he is a kind and essentially good man, and agrees to take care of his granddaughter, Maddy, when his estranged daughter Kate is called away on business. Emotionally guarded behind an impossible wall of reserve, Tom says very little beyond what needs to be said, and has the economy of motion of a man used to being on his own. He comes across as gruff or curt, and Maddy is initially scared of him, but the two gradually come to an understanding. As Maddy becomes embroiled in the mysterious world of the spiritual creatures of the woods, Tom is forced to reassess his values, and must let go of his suspicion of outsiders and spirituality in order to save Maddy (and himself) from the creatures that would harm them.

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Idle Wrath films is the production company of Jason Ide and Suzanne Rath, based in Sydney, Australia. Currently in pre-production on a short film, 'Fairy Fort,' their interests include fantasy, magical realism, docos and social consciousness.

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