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Hello guys!

It's about time, i didn't write a blog. I was thinking to write a blog on a topic well know, by almost everyone. That topic practically know as Faith. You might would have come across this question and even people around you would have been asked the same question, what is faith? For some it's just some reason, as they call it that having confidence in something. But, believe me it's not really having confidence in something. You cannot have confidence in yourself until you do something, that you think you cannot. If, that is the matter then, can you bring any person who claims that, he has seen God. The answer would be surely no, you know why i have answered it myself, because i have confidence in the statement i mention above that, no one has seen God. 

So, now you tell me how can you have confidence in someone, who you have never ever seen? Because people have misconception about the definition of faith.  Now, i'm going to tell you the real definition of faith. 

Believing in someone, you know to who belong all the power, everything in the heavens and the earth. Putting your whole belief in someone, knowing, that God only want what's best for you.

As, you all can see that's the whole definition of faith. Faith is simply something, that you believe in someone you cannot see. But, this also result in some dispute among people that how can you believe in something that you cannot see? Yes, you can believe in someone that you cannot see. That is something you are always hopeful that no matter how much bad thing went, they are going to be good one day. Three of the religion practice faith.

  • Islam
  • Christianity 
  • Buddhism

These three religion practice faith. I'm going to explain only two of them.

Faith According to Islam:

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Now, let me tell you about faith in Islam, what it's all about? Now, you may know that Muslim believe in one God, Allah Almighty. Allah is their creator, Allah is their caretaker, nothing can move without his permission, nothing stops, nothing move, Allah has fashioned every single human being and Allah is capable of doing everything. Muslim completely submit to Allah (S.W.T) and their faith is that no one can harm them without His (S.W.T) permission. Or in other word Believing in Allah without seeing him.

Not only this their faith is also about no matter what happen to them, no matter how much thing get bad there will be always silver lining. This is what faith according to Islam, which is just believing in Allah. 


Faith According to Christianity:

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Christians faith is a almost same as the Islam, knowing that everything has to come to an end, also resurrection of Jesus. Just like Muslim they also put trust in their lord and let him guide them to straight path, consider him their caretaker and they believe he is the one who is going to give them death. 


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