Familiarization with remarkable women in Afghanistan

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Women are important in political social and cultural aspect of community and serve to their people and family we are watching great improvement of woman in Afghanistan. For instance MS. Sima samar  in clearage of human right department of Afghanistan is a successful woman who is working for Afghanistan since years; also MS. Maria Bashir the head of court of appeal in Herat city she is working hard and she is successful woman that is admiral as bravest woman of Afghanistan in 2012 by us government .

some other successful and woman that they work hard they are Malalai Jouya and Shokria Barakzai former members of parliament government of Bamian ministry of public health minister of work and social affairs municipal of Oruzghan province of Afghanistan there for  women s role  in society is effective.

Unfortunately women are facing to some problems in community to working or studying. In here if women they like to study or work at the first they should persuade from men or their family that women are able to work study and serve to their society

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Shabnam sahebzada was born in Herat-Afghanistan. She is graduated from Mehri high school in Herat. She is studying Accounting institute. Shabnam is studying English in Herat Bastan institute. She has interest to reading books and watch TV.

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