Family is forever

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So Iam to the point again where I am about to blow up again.. So my mom has had some issues lately which wouldn't bother my but lately they have gotten so bad that it is hard to even take to her and my grandma won't. She has recently been charge with felony stealing!! She is looking at up to 1 year in jail and the worst part is if she does got to jail my 11 year old brother will go into foster care... I know what you guys might be thinking, he might be better off or he don't need to be around that..  Trust me I get it but me and my grandparents and the rest of my family aren't like that! If she gets my little brother taken away but just from her but the rest of our family I will completely loose it!!!!!!  I love my mother, I mean she gave birth to me how could I not love her but, she is acting like a two year old and I feel like I am the mother of her not the other way around!! If I wanted to have responsibilities of someone besides my self I would go get knocked up!! My step mom keeps telling me to come move in with her but I feel like if I do that then I am turning my back on my mom and little brother!! Yes I am complaining about her but she is still family, and they way I look at is family is forever, but who knows!! 

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