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                     Family Life




A family is the unit which builds up a person's personality. How we behave, what we do in life, what professions we follow, how we interact with people around us, everything we do on daily basis is a reflection of our family background and how we have been raised or brought up. Psychologists believe that a child learns the most from the early years that he spends with the family. The way our family members raise us, deal with us leave a lifelong effect or impact  on our personalities. Keeping in view all these facts the importance of the family life cannot be denies.






Our families are the most important of our lives. When we are young and growing up, we are usually closer to our parents and our siblings as compared to any other people around us. As we grow older, we find friends, spouses, colleagues, and have our own kids to share our lives with. Although time brings changes but the importance of family always remains.





It is believed that people who have a sound family background and who belong to a family with strong family ties are almost always happier. Our families play a major in our physical, emotional, and psychological development. Family life is also important in the sense that it gives us the strength and confidence to face the big bad world because we know that we have a support and we can rely on that family support and therefore it will not be incorrect to say that people who have a smooth and well settled family life are generally less insecure in life.




Research has proved that family genes as well as family priorities help shape children's future. It is noticed that those who belong to the families which have a rich education background tend to become more educated. Similarly, children who belong to a family from which a few of the people are in the field of professional sports, they tend to have an interest in sports and somehow end up in the same field. Thus it is the effect of our family life which guides us to decide what professions we want to join.




Family is an important social, cultural and religious unit and we need to strengthen it so that our future generations should also reap the benefits of a healthy family life that gives a sense of protection, security, and togetherness that only one can get through living with a family with strong ties.


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