Family Planning

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1. Meaning of Family Planning:

Family planning means controlling the size of family.

It aims at having a family in which the number of its members suits well its income or resources. It also aims at having a family whose members can live at ease in the house. Thus a family with a low income and a small house should not have quick increase in its children. As in quick increase in its children, may fall in very much problems. As by the rapid increase in children may increase many problems in every aspect. As all we know that a poor man with a lot of children cannot survive in this era. Because the prices of each and every thing is too high. Whatever you talk, even clothes, shoes, milk, different medicine, schooling, and prices of many other things which are necessary for the children are too high. So it is very difficult for a poor man to meet all these challanges have very much low income. Here i am giving some important points regarding how to solve the problem of over population? or should we have a smaller or larger family?

2. Family planning and developing countries:

The developing countries stand in great need of family planning. It is so because their population is increasing much faster than that of developed countries. Most of the families have limited income and small houses to live in. In villages and in cities the farmers, the labourers and the workers in offices live in small house. They often have many children. They can not easily meet the expenses of their children. Another important point is that the poor countries have very low resources. By utilizing these resources they cannot meet the advance requirements of life. So it is very difficult in developing countries that without family planning they can include in the line of developed countries.

3. The Head of the Family Gets Weak:

The head of a large poor family often gets weak and ill. He gets, old before time. He is al the time worried. So is the case with his wife. The social welfare department of the government gives useful advice to different kinds of people about the size of the family. It tells them about the advantages of small family. The only reason for this point is that the head of large poor family have very less resources, so for managing the food and clothing and medicine of large number of peoples he has to work day and night, without thinking about his health. He will never think about his food. So finally he will fell ill. It is very much difficult for his family to survive in those conditions. 

4. Reduction in Birth Rate:

The birth rate can be reduced through late marriage. We should have more parks, clubs and other places of recreation for common people. The people will like to pass more of their time there instead of in their homes. Reduction in birth rates may be obtain by many other methods. After the birth of each child a gap of about 4 years is must. By doing so we can control the population size. 

5. Necessary For Under Developed Countries:

Family planning is quite necessary for underdeveloped countries like ours. We should try to check the fast growth in population through family planning. We should have a population which can live a happy life within the resources of the country. 

6. Census: 

It is very important that after each 5 years the government of countries must arrainge a census. Census is very important for many aspects even. I will explain it in an another blog. 


6. A family planning programe can be successful if most of the people are educated. Only educated people feel and understand the benefits of family planning. It is therefore, the need of the hour, to educate our masses.

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