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who is family? is family important for you? how do they care of us? Family is the people who is staying together with us in our home like in the picture bellow. They are very important for our life to help and remind us when we do some mistake. They really care of us in this world to guide us to do right thing and avoid the bad one in order to enter god's paradise.

I take one of the good figure in Indonesia, He is Ust. Mansur that always speaks in front of public to lighten our religion every time. He has good family because most of their children can recite aAl-Qur'an well, even. hafidzah. I dream to have children who can recite Al-Qur'an too because with those children, we will always be happy every time.

How to educate our children to recite Al-Qur'an well?

Of course we have to start from ourself as their parents. They will do what they see and repeat what we always do. We are as example for them in our home. So, we must do the best to educate our children.

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