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I am an avid fan of reading fan fiction. I don't know why but I am having a different world when I am reading those kind of stories. I thinking that I am coming into the world that too perfect, too impossible to happen, its letting me to come into the world of learning and experience, there's forever and happy ending but I know my life is opposite with it. 

Do I believe in forever? Honestly, the last time I feel in love but now, I had experience a little trauma in my life but I do learn from it. There's nothing to regret but still hoping to see my forever so soon. 

But why I write the fan fiction world? Because I wanted to start with it already. I wanted to write fan fics not just to inspire others, to share my ideas, to share learning but to enjoy, to love writing, because through writing I can express the whole of me. I am hoping I can do it. 




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