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Farcry 3 take place in two island which are barely inhabited by humans. Among these islands exists a large group of pirates led by the character named Vaas. We're playing as Jason Brody in-game Jason and his friends (including his two brothers) visit these islands for a vacation and get caught by the pirates. Game starts when Jason and his elder brother Grant is imprisoned in a cage. With the guidance of Grant, Jason escapes the pirate camp successfully. But Grant die right afterwards, shot by Vaas. Jason however survives and lands on a quest to rescue his friends and family. Encountered people like Citra, Dennis, Willis, Sam, (etc.) Jason manages to recapture his friends and kill Vaas and his guider Hoyte.


Farcry 3 (as usually in Farcry series) has a First-Person-Shooter gameplay. As the islands are full of quests, side activities, pirate camps, radio towers, wildlife and flora its never get boring. Use of Dunia engine have given the game boundless free-roam in the islands.


The game have some weapon categories. SMG, Assault rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, LMG, Handgun, Rocket/Grenade Launcher, and Special weapons. There is Flamethrower, Bow, Flare gun in the Special category.


Farcry 3 surely has a great variety of animals from Komodo dragons to Sharks. Most of the creatures are dangerous, therefore Jason must look where he's stepping.


After all, Farcry 3 is a wonderful game combined with superior graphics,a inspiring story and a blood-rushing gameplay. Ubisoft has really worked hard in the game as it is another epic chapter in a superb series. At the end-of-the-day Farcry 3 is a Game you must buy.




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