Farkhunda’s Force

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Farkhunda, what shall I say
How to tell this endless story

From her eyes of tears
To the boldness in her face

Her injured body
I cry out with her pain

They broke her legs and hands
Yet still she stood

They pulled her silken hair
They razed her beautiful skin

Her face was bloody
They kicked her thin body

With a closed mouth
She begged with her eyes

For the sake of God
I am innocent, innocent

They uncovered her
But she still stood strong

I haven’t done anything wrong
They burned her body, could not mute her voice

They were men
Famous for bravery

Surrounding one woman
They were men

Called themselves manly Muslims
Tortured a helpless woman

Setting fire to a defenseless woman
Calling themselves patrons of Islam

They were men
Mark them forever as traitors

Those savage rioters
In the bodies of men

Farkhunda suffered and died
But her force lives on

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