Farm mechanization.

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Green revolution mean increase in agriculture production through institute and technological changes.
Farm mechanization is element of green revolution process.
Farm mechanization mean use different technology and increase production like sowing, harvesting,
threshing and spraying to improve the per acre yield.
We can define farm mechanization as.
Farm mechanization is consist of non human sources of power for undertaking agriculture task and activities.

Type of Farm mechanization..
1. Chemical technology.
2. Hydrological technology.
3. Mechanical technology.
First of all we discuss chemical technology..
> Chemical technology include pesticides fertilizer etc.
second is we discuss hydrological technology..
> The hydrological technology include on watering by tube wells.
Third is mechanical technology.
> The mechanical technology is include tractors, trollies, thresher, tube wells etc.

Condition for agriculture mechanization.
     majority of people in rural areas is illiterate. They cannot operate heavy machinery and new        technology..
credit is most important inputs in agriculture. The income of a farmer is low so they cannot purchase heavy and new costly technology. Give credit facility to the farmer on easy terms and conditions...
Farm mechanization would create unemployment in the rural areas. But we can remove this problem with proper planning..

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