" Fashion and islamic values"

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Fashion in our society now considered as style.Fashion is whatever style is adopted by the human's.Being fashionable is now being sensible.A person who follows trends nowadays is considered as non-fashionable , he or she is not up to mark.Fashion has become the need of society . Fashion can be followed by everyone but keeping in mind our religion and whatever suits us. The dress should be dignified and not provocative.If we see in our surrounding, fashion does not seems to be trendy but it is growing toward vulgarity being exposed everywhere.which is trendy  but it is growing toward vulgarity being exposed everywhere which is truely against our Islamic values.Nowadays people think fashion is more important for them to look good and prominenet in society                                                                                                                                                                  

Fashion is harmful to society because it inspires people to make potentially harmful lifestyle choices.Fashion is making people's mind more dependent on meterial things.Fashion is promoting greed and pride in our society.Fashion takes the individual to immorality.Now if we see in our srroundings a few people who really knows their norms and values and according to that values they do all acts.I personally, appreciated cleanlines.. it is very good to wear clean and decent clothes but it looks very much odd when people started to wear western dresses As they are not allowed in our society as well as in our religion.

sO, according to me one should must do fashion but in his/her limit.And no doubt simplicity is ever attractive.As tennyson says:

                                                    Beauty is power and power is beauty , that is all.

we should focus more on our heart and deeds rather than our clothes and trends.It takes time but if you really want to leave a life with out complex ( supiriority and inferiority) then best think is to be simple and decent.Because dressing, way of life ,,, creating  too much complexity in teen agerx life.It can be very harmful the need is to leave.

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