Fashion Designer Sophie Theallet Celebrates Women as They Should Celebrate Themselves

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BY: Charlotte Delgrange

The feminine elegance contours pale flesh, which is delicately powdered by patterns of repeated landscapes being brushed by the breeze of dancing steps. Brightened by colors, yet softened by textures, the surface of a cultivated palette is explored.

Buttresses stand as strong supports to an architectural design, mastering the beauty of forms through a relationship tailored to embrace the body it adorns. The edifice of assemblage contains a pattern of congruent functions, lines of interference that illustrate the existence of a live form through precise textiles individualized to represent a particular movement. 

Sophie Theallet has developed a vocabulary that’s poetics reflect the lengths of study dedicated towards her vision, which she expresses amongst a collection of wearable content. For Spring Summer 2014, Theallet arranged a series of attires narrating the progression of the feminine, and demonstrating a slow reveal of a woman. There are no aggressive provocations in her creations, instead each piece could be understood as a study of the human body, similar to the working system of a painter or sculptor. The female is a gender that changes both physically and emotionally, and Theallet has crafted accompaniments to embrace the evolution of woman through every experience.

The element of knitwear reinforces the sense of attention and étude, projecting sensuality and graphics, as done through the choice of artistic prints of forms of nature. Theallet’s pairing of silky prints and architecturally striking knitwear, might suggest a reference to Ernst Haeckel’s Botanical Illustrations that are explicitly detailed, inviting the eyes to touch the fragile compositions of nature.

Through the use of mental sight, from the shirts to the skirts, the sustenance of the physical woman is involved with the materials that exude her innocence of being, which develops to accentuate voluptuous forms that strut elegance.

Beautiful characteristics of the feminine presence are enhanced through the designer’s expertise, those being the hips, waist and collarbone. The clothes either always tightened at the waistline, creating a sense of lightness to the ensemble, or pulls at the hips, which lengthens the body and smoothen the flow of the fabric. The geometric device draws attention to the collarbone, either through a triangular plunge that paves the path to fantasy, or a rectangular structure that brightens the face to illuminate the suspense of beauty.

Towards the end of Theallet’s presentation, lace kissed not only the model’s soft skin and long necks, but became the texture resting upon the long evening dresses, revealing sexiness minimally and pleasingly in just the right amounts. The lace teased the eye into believing that the bare skin underneath displayed its’ nudity, but instead acted as a sophisticated playfulness that gracefully raised the goose bumps to the surface of one’s skin. 

The closing dress left me tremendously impressed. A red silk that could be felt from miles away, cold on the outside, yet warmed by an orange interior– there is power in that dress. The opening at the leg, waist and shoulder play peek-a-boo to satisfy, but do not transform the woman into an object, instead manifest the shapes of a true woman. Theallet celebrates women as they should celebrate themselves.

As the finale came to walk the entire collection down the runway, passion and inspiration filled the heart; Theallet’s point of view spoke clearly through her creations, as they dressed the runway, one last time, repeating the following words, “Je suis Femme”.    

Watch the Sophie Theallet show held during MADE Fashion Week



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