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Until quite recently, fashion has remained just beyond my mental reach. Skinny jeans? Mixing patterns? Bright colors? But I was the girl in baggy jeans and sneakers, likely revealing too much cleavage, baffled by hairstyles and the idea of changing purses to match an ensemble.

And then suddenly -- please don't dare ask when or how because I haven't a clue -- I realized the ways in which one's wardrobe reflects the individual. How a blazer can utter sophistication and sexy at the same time or glittery ballet flats can serve dual purposes, work or an evening on the town, for a lady who lives in both realms. From the hipster to the business woman, the working mother to the buff jock, each item carefully -- or not so carefully -- selected either mumbles or screams an unknown personality before a single verbal word is spoken. It was something I once never considered, and now, I cannot turn off my brain as I stare blankly at the closet each morning, wondering what I should tell the world each day.

You might still find me in a Carolina Panthers sweatshirt, but I'll rock the tall black boots with it and attempt a "look." And there are days when I deem washing my hair a slightly less-than-important activity in favor of a messy bun atop my head. But an appreciation for the time and effort of designers, especially ones with a flare for the hippie-chic, has emerged as well as those that capture the looks so beautifully. One such individual is Emily Soto, who has created a fun behind-the-scenes video to accompany her latest look book. Check out the video below, which combines fashion and film, and Soto's sweet sense of representing style here -- something I can only hope to emulate:

From the stylist to Soto's eye that created this short fashion clip, some of the designs I love most are revealed here in these few minutes. If only I could pull this look off as well as these ladies!

For me, becoming a fashion-forward gal is still a work in progress, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely ... at least to some extent. The ridiculously over-sized hoodies remain a staple, but I dare not escape my residence in one. The plaid brown sneakers still adorn my feet on occasion, but no longer regularly appear. Once in a blue moon, I might look as adorable as the chicks in Soto's fashion video promotion seen here, captured unbelievably well by her artistic eye, but it's a rarity that is not to be expected (ha, understatement!). For now, I'll admire these styles and attempt my own, and optimistically, reveal a bit of myself from day to day in the process.


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