Fashion in Kabul

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Kabul, Afghan capital is the heart of fashion. Fashion stores and streets are full of stylish girls and boys.

Gulbahar Center is one of the most popular fashion stores in Kabul. It is a tall building with tens of fashionable stores under one ceiling. It’s open from 8:00 AM to 12 mid night.

It is a place where one can find girls and boys in new and fashionable clothing. In fact, it is a place that makes even those who are not stylish fashionable. They see different persons in different chic clothes as well as they beautiful clothes and shoes through the vitrine of the shops.

Macrorayan and sports

This is another famous place that one can find beautiful boys and girls in beautiful clothes.

Today, having a good shape is also a part of being stylish in Afghanistan. Most of these boys and girls are today attending bodybuilding clubs and other sports.

  Before the current regime, nobody in Afghanistan was familiar with styles or even they were not let to attend clubs for exercising. Fortunately, the current regime has considered an equal right to both boys and girls in not only wearing fashionable clothes but in sports, too. Since it is an Islamic country, the wearing rule also should be under Islamic rules.



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