Fashion starting from textile sourcing

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In 2012 I decided to work again with Italian textile production companies as I didn't see the Asian mills willing to
develop special novelties for medium/high end customers and they were missing the necessary flexibility
in minimums (expensive fabrics can not be sold to anyone!).

So I started a relationship with Fortex and Top Wool.
Fortex is specialized in men's outwear with beautiful woolens novelties in Fall Winter season,
with a competitive price compared to other Italians but also to Chinese mills.
The owner, Mr Roberto Rosati, is one of the most respected business man in Prato (textile city
close to Florence), experienced and fair man.
It's a pleasure to do business with him and his passionate and "picky" team.

Top Wool is one of the most famous Italian companies here in US as they develop a large business
for many years in worsted wools for women's wear.
They are located in Biella (northern Italy) where normally you can find mostly menswear textile mills,
so they are quite original in the product and make huge developments in terms of different fibers,
novelties and colors.
Massimo Tescari is the owner, He is about my age and talking to him, I can feel we have a very similar
mentality and view of the actual market.
In addition, He hired my long time friend Federica Alberta that has been working with Me in few different
projects in Italy and India in the past.
Last week I enjoyed her company meeting with the best US customers like Polo, CM, Philip Lim, Alexander
Wang and many more.
I was really impressed by the complexity of the SS 2014 precollection and I can see how Italian textile manufacturing can
differentiate themselves by the powerful Asia (China on top) with beautiful presentation made of trendy
colors cards and novelties.
I really feel proud to be Italian in the textile sector as it's probably the only country that try to propose new trends and ideas.
what will happen in the fashion business when Italian small business won't be able to keep this unique position ?
It could really be a disaster and the globalization is going toward this direction with more standard product in the stores
all over the World.

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