Fashion Trends Unite Style-Seekers

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Ever wondered what you have in common with a fashion model from Thailand? What about an ex-model and fashion photographer from Venezuela? Probably more than you think.

“Dragon Lady” is directed by Ken Rivas and features fashion model YoGhurt Rb.  Rivas does an awesome job of seizing the immense amount of color in these shots and bringing them alive on camera.  Everything from Rb’s dangling earrings, to her nail polish, to the traditional Thai artwork in the background screams for the eye’s attention.

Using his skill and expertise, Rivas finds a way to connect the art of videographer with the art of fashion. "Dragon Lady" captures the timely essence of fashion in Thailand and around the world. This silent film serves as a statement to how the arts know no cultural boundaries.  While we creatives like to pride ourselves on being individuals, something about our differences make us so much alike. 

For example, is it not ironic that the Chanel purse, gold bangles and red lipstick adorning a Thai fashion model resemble the day-to-day wardrobe of a twenty-something, hip-hop lover in the U.S.? Apparently, fashion, much like music and dance has a way of connecting us all.

Don't think so? How many times have you walked into your favorite urban fashion retailer and saw a cute pair of tribal printed leggings and matching snap-back cap for your boyfriend? At least lately, it's probably been pretty often.

Shades of Africa, in the "Trends" section of, displays fashion trends inspired by the colorful and culture-filled continent of Africa. The photo-story features fashion trends that have exploded in the U.S. in recent months-- including tribal prints.

Face it, no matter how eclectic or outrageous your personal style, something about the fashion film,  “Dragon Lady” appeals to the side of you that says, "That is so me" or “I’m gonna try that look tomorrow.” This is probably because fashion designers and style taste-makers share in the world of creativity that connects them with not only fashion designers, but musicians, dancers and artists as well.

Ken Rivas is a by Bangkok-based, Venezuela-born multimedia artist and photographer for L’Officiel Magazine in Tailand.  What makes him so great? He spent years as a model himself—to which he attributes his awesome eye for fashion photography. To learn more about this model turned director, check out his profile on Film Annex.




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