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External beauty requires physical fitness. The word beautiful can only fit in to some one’s personality when he acquires a body which is smart and healthy.  In today’s world obesity is disliked like anything. Fatness not only makes you look ugly but it also makes one’s life difficult. Now people have become so conscious that majority of world population thinks about the way through which they can keep their selves fit and fine. The one way of getting slim these days is getting really hype and fame known as thinspiration. The urge look to as slim as one’s role model is the approach developed within the school of thinspiration.  The advice to all those who want to look slim as their role models are is don’t get obsessed about it. This approach is originated from eating disorder pro ana.  



Donna Sweeney, Miami
I feel like a new woman. I just bought a sexy bikini yesterday and am looking forward to go to Miami Beach with my boyfriend for the first time after so many years!
The way I carry myself has improved drastically thanks to your 5 factor diet.Your book has given me a way to prove myself – that I can be as sexy as those models in the television. I have started now and no one can stop me!
Thank you, Christina for making my life awesome!

Caron Stace, Texas
When I started reading Christina’s book in April, I weighed 186 lbs and my waist was 45 inches. Now at the end of May (6 Weeks later), I have lost a whopping 37 lbs and my waist is now 33 inches, thanks to Christina’s juice fasting diet.
For the first the time have I been able to follow something, which really works! I'm down 12 inches in 6 weeks! My husband is amazed to see me and has encouraged me to follow this guide to the end.



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