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The country spent more years in war and challenges of following it. It has more bad days in its experience. If you ask from any children or elders about what happened up to now and in the past. They all will remind all the disasters and misfortunes that happened to them. All these are changed to symbols of all the years that we spent in our country.

After collapse of communist government and rising up of Mujahidden government, more parties and circles disobeyed from the government. It caused that thousands of our innocent fellow countrymen and women be killed by the ones who were used by foreigners. It changed the country to a destroyed land.

The disasters by extremist groups of Mujahidden caused a more extremist group by name of Taliban to be appeared that killed thousands of innocent people by misusing from religion and made genocide. People combated against the killer and extremist group of Taliban and for year’s civil war continues up to eleventh of September 2001 that killed thousands of Americans and Al-Qaeda terroristic group induced it.

Al-Qaeda was covering by the Terroristic group of Taliban and supported it. So, American attack to Afghanistan and people witnessed a new fight. The fight did not long more and Taliban regime collapsed. They left Afghanistan and sheltered in Pakistan. They reinforced and now changed to one of the most challengeable forces against people and government. 

Everyday killing of innocent people is obvious and clear in different parts of the country by this cruel terrorist group. It grasped more life and is taking further more. Taliban by exploiting the cruelest ways and equipments kill more people and create horrors in civilians residing places. 

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