Father of saffron in Afghanistan

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Before, I tell about father of saffron. I want to give some information about saffron`s onion which is called corms. It is shaped like walnut, that it`s length is 30mm and its height is 20mm. saffron coated with several brown layer that is called tonic. Saffron used for color and flavor of food, it also used in some medicine.

In Afghanistan saffron has its own economic importance. Recently cultivation of saffron has increased in Herat province because of its weather is more conductive for saffron plant. Saffron was planted in pashton zarghan one of Herat district by Haji Akber. His initiative caused that cultivation of this plant propagate among all the farmers in Herat province. haji akber was known as saffron`s father. He received a medal from president of Islamic republic of Afghanistan. This medal was honor of all Herat hard working farmers. Afghanistan`s saffron known as the best saffron in the area. Because of its high quality it is sold inside and outside of Afghanistan. Fortunately, cultivating of saffron is increasing day by day. Because of its high income people cultivate this plant instead of opium. I hope that Afghanistan improve in all aspects, and improve day by day.

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Shabnam sahebzada was born in Herat-Afghanistan. She is graduated from Mehri high school in Herat. She is studying Accounting institute. Shabnam is studying English in Herat Bastan institute. She has interest to reading books and watch TV.

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