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  • Fats

  • Composition.
    Fats are made up of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen but they have less oxygen as compared to hydrogen and carbon and are insoluble in water.

  • Fatty Acids
    On hydrolysis.they break in to fatty acids and glycerol.

Requirements of Fats
Fats are required for their great heating value.The yield twice the amount of heat as compare to carbohydrates and proteins

Importance of Fats
1.In the absence of sugars in the body during starvation,fats are broken down to release energy.
2.They provided 9000 cal/grams energy to the body.

Storage of Fats
Excess of fats are storage beneath skin and various organs.

Sources of Fats
Sources of fats are animal fats,butter oil,cheese and margarine and dry fruits.

Harmful Effects of Fats.
Animal fats should be used with great care as they raised the cholesterol level,which accumulates in the body blood vessels and affects the flow of blood in the arteries.

This can results in heart attack,blood pressure and disorder of kidneys.


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