Favorite songs played in recorder

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Each one of us has his own favorite songs. One of my favorite songs is "Hey souls sister". It like its melody and arrangement. I was amazed by the way  it is played in a wind instrument called recorder. To watch the video try to visit this link: 

If you have spent time watching this video, you will surely enjoy it. It is very nice. I love it and I am studying it now.

Another song which I love to listen to is entitled, "Let it go". It was once used as the sound track of  a well-known movie, Frozen. I like the message of the song as well as its arrangement and melody. Try to listen to its melody and I can guarantee that you will like it too.  Just visit:

The other one which I like also is entitled, The Final Countdown. It is familiar to you right? Try to visit this too. I love how it is played in  recorder. 

Another song played by the author of this videos is entitled "You and I" originally sang by One DirectionYou may visit and watch the video on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7iIH0v1Rrw 


I hope you have enjoyed watching those videos I have found from www.youtube.com. Thank you for spending your time with me today.

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