FBR stopped from involving in litigation Ayyan Ali

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ISLAMABAD: The FBR has been stopped from involving in litigation model Ayyan Ali on accusation of secretion of income and escaping millions of rupees taxes.


Tax authorities have prepared a case against model Ayyan Ali for concealment of purported income worth millions of rupees but now this course of action has been stopped and no one is ready to talk on this subject with the media.

The FBR authorities have prepared a case under section 192 A of Income Tax Ordinance related to involving in litigation  on secretion of income which states that where, in the course of any actions under this Ordinance, any person has either in the said actions or in any earlier measures hidden income or provided incorrect essentials of such income and takings impact of such secretions or furnishing of wrong essentials of such income is five hundred thousand rupees or more shall make necessary an offence punishable on sentiment with locking up, up to two years or with fine or both.

When talked the FBR’s authorities on Sunday, they said that there was no interest among FBR machinery to support any alleged tax defaulters including Ayyan Ali if the FBR possessed documentary proof against them. “We would certainly move if tax defaulting  could be proved before special moderator under suppression of income related section of Income Tax Ordinance 2001,” they added.

According to FBR’s inquiry, Ayyan possesses National Tax Number (NTN) but she has never filed income tax returns. During the inquiry process, the FBR issued notices to different entities to find out facts in the money laundering case. In reply to notice titled u/s 176 regarding information in the case of M/S Ayyan having CNIC-35201-9421952-6 and National Tax Number (NTN) 3966645-0, the Bahria Town stated that Ayyan Ali never owned any plot/property in any area of the Bahria Town projects located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

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However, Ayyan Ali possessed a flat in DHA Karachi with apartment number-4, flat# 8, Block C in Creek Vista-VIII measuring 3248 sq feet.According to DHA letter, this apartment has been acquired in September 2011 from Ms Sabiha Younas. Ayyan Ali was not the actual allot tee but she bought this residence at a later stage. Her bank account however did not show any contract in this regard.

Ms Ayyan Ali has a bank account in a bank situated at Karachi and according to her bank statement she own deposit in the range of around Rs3.5 million to Rs4 million in her account number 6-1-24-20311-714-131426.

In October 2014, two major transactions were made from her account amounting to Rs0.9 million and another 0.9 million in order to stay away from issuance of any doubtful transaction report (STRs) from concerned bank under the Money Laundering Law of the country.

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She possessed a black VIGO vehicle having expected value of Rs1.5 million. The FBR’s investigators found that Ayyan Ali undertook 41 foreign trips to different countries. She does not have the nationality of UAE but she has business visa of that country.

Ms Ayyan Ali has settled a company in Dubai with the name of AA-FZE in Free Trade Zone of Jabal-e-Ali. The FBR has found that she settled  this company to get visas for her close relatives including her mother Farhat Sultana and her brother Zulfiqar by given that 6000 dirhams.

All this clearly showed that she was supposedly involved in defaulting in taxes and the tax high ups should now legitimate her under the related tax laws but it is not yet known who stopped the FBR to take legal action the renowned model after gathering a lot of evidence.



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