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Fear Factor 

                       Fear factor is an American reality Show with full of stunts and daring game show that originally aired between 2001 and 2006.It was review again in 2011 and only to be cancelled again on May 13 2012.The two parts of it were aired in July 2012,The original version was in Dutch Version and the Original name of it was " Now Are Never Land and Because of the American biggest Market and the Channel like NBC They changed its name from it Fear factor.The show consist on contestants and variety of stunts for a Special Grand Prize Usually of 50,000$ cash.

From season 1 to 5 the contestants were consisting of 3 couples 3 men and 3 women all competing each other passing the barriers by doing many stunts,win or lose.But in season 6 the show moved to a permanent format with four teams of two people each with a pre-existing relationship with one and another.

The show was hosted by comedian and UFC Commentator Joe Rogan and produced by Matt Kuintz and directed by David Hurwitz and J. Rupert Thompson.



The show was Initially hit in the Network on NBC Channel named as Survivor in Summer in 2001,building strong ratings and popularity for the upcoming next couple of seasons but as the year passed and the ratings also declined in 2006 and Fear factor also faced a lot of competition.The ratings was continued tending toward down in Mid 2006.The Series was Officially Cancelled in by NBC on May 2006 because of the poor ratings.The Fear factor became the first reality show that has the most viewers around the world in 2004.

 Fear Factor reported a highest generated revenue of $600Million and the DVD version was also be presented in and currently only first version DVD was released and it is all cancelled because of the low sales of First season DVD's .

Fear factor's format 

  Basically ,the normal format involves four teams of two people with a all ready existing in a relationship, who have to complete with three professional stunts to win US $50,000. If a team is too scared to attempt a stunt, or in case of failed to complete a stunt, or had the worst performance on a stunt, they are out from the competition. If only one team successfully completes the first or the second stunt, they automatically win $25,000, and the other contestants also out from the stunt along with the winner of the stunt return for the next stunt to compete for the last remaining $25,000. If no one successfully completed the first or the second stunt, then all of the contestants in the teams eliminated from the stunt would return to the next stunt to compete for $25,000.

Host of the show

                              Rogan hosted on the TV series, Fear Factor, as a host of the United States English version of the show. He hosted from 11th June 2001 to 12th September 2006. Rogan then left and returned as the host of Fear Factor in the rebooted edition of the show, which aired on 12th December 2011 16th July 2012 on NBC.

Fear Factor's stunts

physical stunt             

The first stunt is organized and  designed to physically test each of the contestants (for example, jumping from one building to the another  or hanging from a helicopter and collecting flags and climbing by the use of Ladder). Usually, from the three teams that gave the best performance will push forward  to the second stint. The others are out of the stunt.

Video courtesy by -: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOBeq1WGLxc

Mental Stunt    

The second stunt is all about checking mentally challenge the contestants. The three most common types of stunts that are used in the second round are eating stunts, animal stunts, and retrieval/transfer stunts. Eating stunts involves ingesting hideous animal parts of live bugs, or a blended concoction of multiple items and animal stunts involves immersing any contestant's head or entire body in animals considered to be disgusting such as rats, spiders, snakes, or worms retrieval/transfer stunts based on retrieving item objects hidden in un-natural substances for example, blood or lard, or live animals such as  sitting in a tub or big tube of snakes as long as they could. Less often, the second stunt involves about pain and endurance of the challenger .Any team may be eliminated for performing the worst.

Video is courtesy by -: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXhpemYpkhU

In many episodes, a common rule was that no one would be eliminated after the second stunt; instead, the contestant that performed outstandingly would receive a prize, such as a vehicle or a prize money. More often than not, the contestant with the best performance had the of choosing the order that the contestant had to go in to perform the next stunt for the day.

Extreme Stunt (combo of two )

The third and the final stunt is usually something about an extreme type of stunt seen in an action film. Like the first stunt, its usually based on heights, water, vehicles, or some combination of the three.This stunt is used In order to avoid ties, This stunt has always been competitive. The player or team with the best performance given in the round wins the grand prize of $50,000, and had the Power of being informed by Rogan that "evidently, fear is not a factor for you".

Video courtesy by -: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ek3Apu7JvI

Fear Factor's special episodes

1) Christmas Special 

                                    A Christmas special themed Fear Factor episode was first aired in 2002.

2) Four Stunt Show

 This was a 90 minute episode, which was involved in four stunts instead of three. The first such episode was notable for the stunt involving body piercing. In seasons number  four to six, at least one of the four stunts was a non-elimination stunt, in which contestants competed and won a prize. This four-stunt format was sometimes used in conjunction with other special formats.

3) All-Gross Show

All three stunts on this show were followed the format of the second stint as described above. That was the first such episode involved in a vat containing 50 gallons of cow blood. In seasons four and five, the theme was taken from the Halloween. 

4) Las Vegas Show

In the Season of Las Vegas city much of the stunts took place at various hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. The winner of the show was required to bet at least half of their winnings on one hand of blackjack, with the chance to continue gambling if one goes successfully.

Many other Seasons that aired in and the names of those are

5) Home Invason

6) Million Dollar Hiest

7) No Sleep

8) Blind date

9) Newlyweds

10) psycho

11) Military

12) Reality stars

13) WWE e-stars

14) Miss USA

15) Models

16) Family Twins

My best One 

The most season, of the episodes liked by me is the Las Vegas because I love the sights and the camera work was the fascinating one and I use to sit and feel free watching TV even if it's a repeat or new.  














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