Fear of Mistakes

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We all are human beings and we are not perfect, perfection is a myth and no one can achieve perfection. We all have a fear, fear of making mistakes. That fear keep us stopped from moving further. The fear of mistake is a fear that we all have , and many of us find it difficult to make mistakes and to do new things because their fear of making mistakes do not allow them to do new things. I personally believe that making mistakes is a key to success, because the more you make mistakes, the more you learn, and sharing your experiences is the key to success.

The successful people always learn from their mistakes. The more you learn, the more you move forward. We have examples of scientists, No one succeeds in first attempt, all the big scientists are failed in their start, and they never quit, they always learnt from their mistakes, and shared their experiences, this is what made them successful. So to be successful, always learn from your mistakes, and always, do new things.

No one is perfect in this world. Everyone in this world makes mistakes. Today it’s the era of competition and all have to work hard to get their respective goals. One must learn from their mistakes because mistakes are the part of life. We should not fear that we will make mistakes in our life. Fear of mistakes leads you to the lack of confidence. We must believe in ourselves and we must work hard even if we mistakes too. Mistakes are meant that one should learn from it. Mistakes make us strong and we experience and learn different things by making mistakes. Every human being in this world makes mistakes and people learn a lot of stuff by making mistakes. We should just avoid making the same mistakes again and again.

There is famous quote which fits the above content  “your best teacher is your last mistake.”

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